Film & Press Junkets

Independence Day – Resurgence
Fist fight
The Forest
Maggie’s Plan
Patriots Day
Philadelphia (Columbia/Tri Star)
Rich In Love (MGM)
The Net (Columbia/Tri Star)
Mixed Nuts (Columbia/Tri Star)
Immortal Beloved (Columbia)
I’ll Do Anything (Columbia/Tri Star)
Cliffhanger (Tri Star)
City Slickers 2 (Columbia)
Chaplin (Tri Star)
Diggstown (MGM)
First Knight (Columbia/Tri Star)
Desperado (Columbia)
Jerry McGuire (Columbia)
Hero (MGM)
Road to El Dorado (Dreamworks)
The Next Karate Kid (Columbia)
The Mirror Has Two Faces (Tri Star)

Memoirs of a Geisha (Columbia)
The Panic Room (Columbia/Tri Star)
I Am Sam (New Line Cinema)
Spiderman (Sony Pictures)
The Cat’s Meow (Sony)
The Angry Inch (Columbia/Tri Star)
Triumph of Love (Paramount)
Sorority Boys (Buena Vista)
I Know What You Did Last Summer (Columbia)
G.I. Jane
Excess Baggage
The American President
Little Women
Legends of the Fall (Columbia)
North (Columbia)
Posse (MGM)
Poetic Justice (MGM)
Starship Troopers (Columbia/Tri Star)
White Man’s Burden (Columbia)
Destiny Turn On The Radio (Columbia)
House Arrest (MGM)
Matilda (Columbia/Tri Star)
Hamlet (Castle Rock)
Transformers (Sony) 1 & 2